donkey(Equide africanus asinus)

Our donkey family consists of dad Rasher, mam Pudding and their two offspring Beans and Waffles. They are a playful bunch and do everything together.

Origin- The Donkey is a domesticate member of the horse family. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild Ass. Donkeys around the world are used for riding, as pack animals or for pulling carts for the last 5000 years

Family– Equide

Lifespan– 35-45 years

Diet– Herbivore. They feed mostly on grass and are supplemented with hay and meals in the winter.

Description- A variety of colours, including brown, black and white. Donkeys are herd animals and very socialable, they do not like to be kept on their own. There are 189 breeds recorded. A female donkey is called a Jenny and a male a Jack. A male donkey crossed with a female horse is called a Mule. A male horse crossed with a female donkey is called a Hinny. Donkeys were domesticated around 3000 BC.

Gestation- 11-14 months producing normally one foal