snowball-the-pony(Equus caballus)

Snowball is a big softy and loves to rest his head on his keepers shoulder and have a nap.

Snowball was born in 1993. He is a Cremello pony. Snowball loves to give children visiting the farm a pony ride. His favorite treats are apples and carrots. As snowball is getting older we have to take extra care of him so that he will have a long and happy life at the park.

Origin- Horses and ponies are domesticated and found all over the world. The only remaining wild horse is the Przewalski’ horse which is classed as endangered.

Family- Equidae

Lifespan– 25-30 years

Diet- Mainly consists of grass in summer months. In winter they are supplemented with hay and meal.

Description- Cremello ponies or horses have cream to gold coloured coats with pink skin and blue or glass eyes. Their mane and tail can be white or cream. Horses and ponies exhibit an array of colors and markings. Chestnut, bay and black are the basic colors. Other colors are palomino, pinto and piebald. White horses/ ponies are born with white coats/ pink skin. There are no true albino’s having pink skin and red eyes.

Gestation– 335-340 producing one foal, twins are rare.