Soay Sheep (Ovis aries)

Origin- Soay sheep are a primitive breed which descends from feral sheep on the 100 hect-acre island of Soay, part of the  St. Kilda archipelago. St. Kilda is an isolated archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean 64 kilometers from Scotland, it contains the westernmost islands of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Family– Bovidae

Lifespan– 10-12 years, can live for up to 20 years depending on their care.

Diet– Herbivore. They feed mostly on grass and are supplemented with hay and meals in the winter.

Description- They are most commonly brown or tan with a white belly, white rump patch and/or white markings under the chin. They have a two layer wool and the inner fleece is highly developed. They shed their wool, which can be hand plucked (called rooing ) in spring/ summer. They have short tails.

Soay ewes make great mothers but the bred lacks the flocking instinct of other breeds and using dogs to work with them results in a scattering of the group.

Gestation– 5 months ranging from 142 days to 155 days, breeding in October and November[/fusion_text]