Origin– The type of gerbil normally kept as a pet is the Mongolian gerbil and first encountered in Eastern Mongolia in 1867. The first breeding pairs arrived in Britain in 1964.

Family– Rodentia.

Lifespan– 3- 5 years.

Diet– Gerbils are omnivores, eating nuts, seeds, vegetables, grasses grains and small insects.

Description– There are twenty coat colours in the Mongolian Gerbil, including brown, black, white tan and grey. There are over 100 different types of gerbil, they make a great family pet and are socialable and intelligent. Gerbils do not do well on their own and are better kept in pairs or in a group. Litter mates usually do well together. They are expert diggers and burrowers and love a sand bath.

Gestation– 21-26 days, litter size can vary from 5-7 to as much as 12.