Chilean Rose Tarantula

Origin– They originate from the high altitudes in China, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru in south America. They were named after the Chincha Indians who used to eat them and use their fur. Chinchilla mean little chinta.

Family– Chinchillidae.

Lifespan– 10-20 years.

Diet– In the wild they feed on plants, fruits, seeds and small insects. In captivity they can be fed on a special Chinchilla pellet, hay and fruit / vegetables as a treat.

Colour– A variety of colours, including black velvet, white, beige, ebony, violet, sapphire. In the wild they are found in grey.

Chinchillas are nocturnal (active during the night). They need wood to chew on as their teeth grow continuously throughout their life time. They also like a dust bath to clean themselves.