We are always looking to source materials for enrichment use with our animals. Enrichment helps to promote appropriate natural behaviours and to improve animal visibility to both visitors and staff. There are five main types of enrichment: social, cognitive, physical, sensory and food.

This is where you come in. Below is a list of items that we are on the lookout for. We will accept used and new items so old dog toys or old hessian sacks would be very appreciated.

We update our enrichment wishlists regularly but please contact us at info@secretvalley.ie before donating any large items like pet carriers as we may have nowhere to store these items.

Items include: 

  • Kong & Kong-type toys
  • Interactive dog toys
  • Rope toys
  • Hanging nest boxes/baskets for wild birds/squirrels
  • Wooden toys for our small mammals
  • Boomer balls
  • Interactive horse toys/balls
  • Hessian sacks
  • Climbing rope for hanging things
  • Bungee cords
  • Karabina clips
  • Dog crates/cat cages
  • Hanging baskets (metal)
  • Perfumes

How do we use these items? 

Our primates love to use their brains to work out how to get food out of puzzle feeders. Our troublesome and mischievous capuchin monkeys are excellent at getting into bags and boxes or just ripping them to shreds!

Our birds love anything that makes as much noise at they do! And it’s even better if they can climb it, hang from it or just destroy it! Hanging feeders, rope toys and wooden ladders/climbing frames always go down a treat with our macaws.

Our small mammals like our rats and rabbits love wooden toys that they can chew or tunnels to hide in. Our dumbo rats are excellent climbers and make great use of rope toys and ladders!

Our carnivores like our otters and raccoons are brilliant at puzzle toys. Kongs filled with fish are popular with our otters and our raccoons are big fans of hanging metal flower baskets and interactive dog toys. Our foxes love different scents and smells especially old perfumes

Our hoofstock like our alpacas and ponies also love getting toys. Hanging feeders make mealtimes more entertaining and there’s nothing quite like watching a 400kg pony chase a big plastic ball!