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The Secret Valley Volunteer Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Secret Valley Volunteer Programme. Volunteering with us is a rewarding and informative past time that allows you to learn about the facilities and the care and conservation of the animals.

Secret Valley Wildlife Park works in partnership with zoos worldwide to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the natural diversity of life on earth.

Our volunteers all share a love of animals and are interested in their welfare & protection.

Benefits of the Secret Valley Volunteer Programme:

You will receive comprehensive training as part of the volunteer programme , unique opportunities to work with and care for beautiful animals, and you will receive a free uniform.

You will have the opportunity for a once in a life time experience where you will gain valuable experience of the work zoo’s are involved in & increase your knowledge whether its for future employment, your own personal gain or both.

Volunteer Programme roles & tasks:

Animal Encounters House

The Animal Encounters House is a busy spot at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park. It is home and habitatto some of the small and special care animals who reside at Secret Valley. During your volunteering day, you may be required to assist with animal feeding, animal care, child interaction with the animals and dealing with the visitors when they enter the Animal Encounters House.

The Valley Café

The Valley Café provides and offers warm and cold beverages and food to visitors while they are at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park. Duties within the volunteering remit at the valley café may include; food service, supervision of the café, ensuring the café is neat, clean and tidy at all times, handling of money and general customer service.

Guided Tours

As part of the Secret Valley experience, we offer guided tours to visitors during their time on site. As part of the volunteering programme, you will be informed of all requirements during the guided tours. This will include, animal education information, health and safety adherence and due care on site, professional visitor interaction and customer service.

Educational assistance & workshops.

Each year, Secret Valley Wildlife Park welcomes school groups and family groups. As part of the visitor experience, we offer educational talks, presentations and workshops to all who wish to avail of them. The volunteering programme may include providing assistance with or being part of these exercises.

Customer Service

We believe in looking after our visitors and ensuring that they enjoy a unique experience when they visit us. Customer service is paramount as part of this and we treat it as a priority. We are at all times courteous, helpful and welcoming. You will be required to provide a superior level of customer service while you are part of the volunteering programme and as such representing Secret Valley Wildlife Park, the facility, the zoo and the animals who live here.

Office Administration

Working at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park is in large part all about the care and conservation of animals. However, like every other business, there is always administration to be undertaken. This can include, filing, emailing, marketing, general office admin.

Habitat & Animal Watch

We study the animals habits and continue to educate both ourselves and our visitors about the animals and their habitats. You will be provided an opportunity to partake in our habitat and watch exercises.

Conservation & Research

Secret Valley Wildlife Park is dedicated to the continued conservation of animals and research of same. As a volunteer, you will be offered an opportunity to experience and enjoy this as well.

Summer Camps & Site Events

The Secret Valley Summer camps are a busy event each Summer. Each year, we welcome groups of children who attend the camps for a week at a time. During this busy period, you will need to assist staff with general animal care and the care and facilitation of all children onsite ensuring that their experience is a fun-filled and safe one.

We also host children birthday parties and other theme days and events throughout the calendar year.As always, you may need to help and assist on such occasions.

Induction training

When you start with the volunteering programme at Secret Valley Wildlife Park, you will be provided with an induction period. During this time, you will be introduced to all the animals, areas and tasks at Secret Valley. You will be introduced to all health and safety aspects at the site in full. You will be welcomed by all staff at the facility.

We look forward to working with all future volunteers as part of the Secret Valley Wildlife Park Volunteer Programme.

Please note:

This application is for those who may be interested in the Secret Valley Volunteering Programme.

All information provided in the following is strictly confidential between the applicant and Secret Valley Wildlife Park management.

The information you provide is not shared with any other persons.

This application is protected and compliant with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

All special requirements, adversity and language requirements are noted and facilitated.