Here at Secret Valley, we pride ourselves in bringing the animal world to the children with a hands-on, friendly and fresh approach. The background environment is one of learning while the children experience new surroundings, different animals and are free to roam and enjoy our beautiful Wildlife Park.

We also now offer ecology based field trips for both Junior and Senior Cycle students. Click here for all the details on our ecology package!


Dear Primary School Teachers

When organizing a school curriculum and schedule, teachers and administrators find themselves faced with a number of routine tasks. School, by its nature, is a repetitive process, which means that there are certain things you’ll deal with every year – choosing reading lists and class schedules, directing parents to M&S for school uniforms, organizing school lunches, etc. These are all basic necessities. However, when planning a schedule for children’s education, it is also important to throw in a few unique ideas and experiences – and one of the best ways to do so is involving Secret Valley Wildlife Park!

While not every child loves or enjoys science when it’s taught out of a book, the vast majority of them get excited when actually faced with nature and wildlife. This makes the involvement of an established Wildlife Park a very interesting concept if you are looking for an educational and engaging school field trip or activity. Here are a few words on the various ways in which Secret Valley Wildlife Park can be of use to you and your students!

At The Park

Kids will always get excited about a field trip, and Secret Valley Wildlife Park offers an environment that is fun, unique, and educational. Additionally, at the Park your students will have the ability to interact with wildlife many of them likely haven’t ever seen in person before. Here are a few examples of the activities that allow them to do so:

  • Education based activity – choose from a variety of workshops linked to the Primary School Science curriculum
  • Goat Feeding – Children have the opportunity to feed young goats with bottles.
  • Animal Handling – Children can interact with and handle some of the reptiles and smaller animals at the park.
  • Lemurs – Children get a chance to meet lemurs, often the most exciting of the animals for kids.
  • Playtime!

We have a number of educational workshops at different levels for you to choose from. Click here for prices and a more details on each package!

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or bookings.