Junior and Leaving Certificate

Observation and Scientific Study of a Selected Ecosystem

Price: €13.00 per head

This package includes a habitat study which covers the Ecology section of the Leaving Cert Biology syllabus. We cover all practical sections of the ecology programme. All equipment and worksheets are provided on the day.

Field trip plan and activities:

  • Class will be divided into groups that will swap activities half way through the day
  • Map and describe the area
  • Sketch and describe different pieces of animal collection equipment
  • Identify 5 fauna and 5 flora using simple keys
  • Identify adaptations of different species and understand its purpose
  • Become familiar with the Mark-Recapture method of sampling
  • Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative surveying by carrying out random sampling of plants (frequency and % cover) and non-random sampling (line transect)
  • Investigate 3 abiotic factors and understand how abiotic and biotic factors influence an ecosystem
  • Construct food webs and a pyramid of numbers based on the field study

Students should wear warm clothes and waterproof shoes, or wellies. The whole trip should take about 4.5 – 5 hours to give time for the report to be written on site. Food is available in the cafe on site; however students are welcome to bring a packed lunch if they wish.

For more details please email info@secretvalley.ie