Secret Valley Wildlife Park receives no government funding and solely relies on your support as visitors to help us further develop our park. On average it costs €100,000 each year to feed our animals, ensuring they are properly looked after and maintaining the park. Also any new build comes out of our visitor admissions. Therefore it will take Secret Valley time to expand due to these costs. Your continuing support will help to ensure Secret Valleys future growth.

We have a number of other ways that you, or your family can help.


Becoming a member gives you a chance to come visit us as often as you like and contribute to the running of the park. You will also be invited to any special events that might be happening! You will also receive our news letter.


Adult                   €35

Child                   €25

OAP/ student   €25

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Sponsor Membership

This membership allows you to sponsor your favourite animal at the park! Sponsorship helps towards the upkeep of the enclosures and the running of the park. For this membership you will receive free entrance to the park as often as you like, a fact sheet and photo on your chosen animal, a gift certificate, and your name on the sponsor’s board.


Adult                   €50

Child                   €40

OAP/ Student   €40

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Care Sponsership

This sponsorship is a great way for you to contribute to the feeding of our animals! You can choose any of our animals and it just costs 15 euro per year. You will receive a downloadable certificate, and your name on our Animal Care sponsors board. Click here to see our animals and pick your favourite!

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As Secret Valley starts to grow and expand into a conservation based zoo we know that we cannot achieve this without outside help.

We will have varied roles available such as gardening, building enclosures, front of house, talking to the public, coffee shop, taking surveys, helping with our native species counts and assisting the keepers.

Volunteers have to be 18 years or over, so if you would like to be a part of this team please fill out the following application form or contact us for more information.


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