Plan your Visit

At Secret Valley we want to give our visitors an unforgettable experience, joining in with our animal interactions sessions allows visitors to get up close to animals which they might never have had a chance to before. For our younger visitors this can open up a whole new world and teach them all about caring for animals.

We also want our visitors to enjoy our whole park. Areas of the park have being allowed to go wild to provide a natural environment for the many native species we have living here. To explore all areas of the park visitors can participate in our Adventure hunts and with a large outdoor play area, obstacle course, wild golf and an indoor play area with an art table which are all included in the admission price.

For our thrill seeking visitors try a spin on our quad train for an exciting view of the park

(Nominal 2 euro per person applies)

Keeper Talks

Our keeper will be on hand to give talks on habitat, behaviour and conservation issues affecting species worldwide. You will learn about our family groups their personalities and how we see the zoo helping in the future. So why not join in during the day!!

Experiences and Encounters

For those who want to make the most of their visit, we offer a range of truly memorable encounters and experiences that will inspire and delight. Pre-booking is essential please call and book before your visit.

You can view our different experiences here

** Daily timetable is subject to seasonal changes. All activities listed here may not take place on the day of your visit **

11.00 – Bottle feed our baby goats

11.30 – Creepy Crawlies

  • Get up close with some of our reptile and insect residents

12.00 – Furry Encounters

  • Meet some of our small fluffy animals like our guinea pigs, rabbits and dumbo rats!

12.30-1.30 – Pony Rides and Lemur talk

  • Enjoy a pony ride on our ponies, Snowball or Elvis. Visit the lemur habitat to learn all about our resident ringtail and white fronted lemurs

2.00 – Bottle feed our baby goats

2.30 – Meerkat talk and feed

  • Join our keepers at the meerkat enclosure to learn all about our curious mob meekats

2.45 – Keeper talk (rotated)

  • Lean about our Asian small-clawed otters, Capuchin monkeys, Rhesus Macaques or Raccoons
  • *These talks are on a rotation schedule. Talks will vary depending on the day of your visit

3.00-4.00 – Pony Rides and Lemur talk

4.00 – Creepy Crawlies

4.15 – Fury Encounters

4.30 – Bottle feed our baby goats



All our small animals, reptiles and insects are on a rotation schedule for their health and welfare and are not taken out for handling by the public outside of these times.

Pony rides are subject to weather conditions and will be withdrawn for health and safety reasons if necessary.

All activities are included in the admission price except the quad train which is €2 a head